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big puffy hair
i cant find my fro pick
by blade March 10, 2003
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A person like Hashmeer who wants a hoht haim saindwich
This Daniel P kid is fwauked up mayn, he thowt thays girl would give him kiss if he was on soccer team!
by blade February 13, 2004
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See "homey"
Whassup, homeskillet?
by Blade December 17, 2002
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n. scrotum
due to the folds of skin on the scrotum that resemble folds of gray matter
Friends television show, with a man going commando and "showing brain"
by Blade April 27, 2004
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something that is sweet and kick ass
buttered toast
by blade March 10, 2003
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a person who was not worth being born, an asshole, a person who should have been a blow-job.
That jack-off owes me money.
by blade January 09, 2004
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The publisher of the 80's classic Amstrad CPC 464 strategy game 'Laser Squad'
The handle that Daniel's used for ages
by Blade March 26, 2003
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