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Pronounced toe-back. To be extremely ugly, either naturally (upon birth), unnaturally (some crazy deforming accident) or through surgical modification (plastic surgery which made your face worse instead of helping).

ugly horrible nasty deformed yuck dog
Dude 1: Damn, that girl is ugly!

Dude 2: She ain't that bad.

Dude 1: Are you kidding me? She's Toback!
by Bithevoom April 23, 2008
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Person who, while running or walking, falls forward, hitting their face and hands on the floor (usually pavement or concrete). The sharp sound produced by the person hitting the ground is "Klack!" Henceforth, they are a Klacker.

falling fall drop floor ground collapse collapsing tripping
My cousin was running laps in middle school when he fell and made "klack", so now I call him Klacker.

by Bithevoom April 25, 2008
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To have or desire sexual intercourse with someone in a somewhat rough manner. Usually expressed by males towards females.

sex rape intercourse fuck bang shag shagging

"Wow, she's hot... I wanna habush her!"
"I'm habushing my girl right now, call me back later"
by Bithevoom April 21, 2008
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To be both horrible and ugly at the same time. Usually only used in the most disturbing experiences or people. This can be based on someone's face, attitude, personality or in a chaotic event such as a massive earthquake or nuclear explosion.

toback ugly nasty horrible terrible horror disgusting deformed diseased
Jeffrey: Hey man

Charlie: Whoa, is that your face or a camels butt?!

Jeffrey: You're dumb!

Charlie: Seriously, you're straight up horrgly!
by Bithevoom April 24, 2008
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