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A deuluxe burger at Sonic Drive in with double hamburger patties. Simular to a Big Mac but much better.
Let's hit the Sonic and get a Supersonic Deal.
by BillyG March 4, 2004
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When the guy is such a big cunt that you have to say it twice.
Spiro i cant believe you scored that shit goal in fifa. malaka

This cunts a cunt.....
by BillyG March 2, 2012
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A type of pop music geared for 7-14 year old girls. Usually played on Radio Disney and FM Top 40 stations. Annoying and sweetly sick music to anyone over 16 years old.
by BillyG October 16, 2003
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A bad smelling girl or guy - aka one who doesnt use perfumes, cologne, aftershave, or deodorants to cover up thier body smell.
She smelled like rotten eggs, what a Phoosy!
by BillyG January 18, 2004
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A southern redneck or cajun version of the word "Shit". Now used by several rap artists.
Damn that Sheeeeeeeeeee-it was nast-tee!
by BillyG April 8, 2003
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Also was a villian in Marvel Comics "Thunderbolts".
by BillyG April 8, 2003
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Highly caffenated and carbonated soda from Pepsico. Very popular, and available at all USA supermarkets. Has the Most caffene than any other popular soda.

When you need to stay up all night for studying, hacking, or Lan Partying and cant get/afford Jolt, Red Bull or Bawls in your area its a OK subsitute.
by BillyG April 8, 2003
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