A bad smelling girl or guy - aka one who doesnt use perfumes, cologne, aftershave, or deodorants to cover up thier body smell.
She smelled like rotten eggs, what a Phoosy!
by BillyG January 18, 2004
Deadly silent fart is called phoosi in typical punjabi
Aa phoosi kinne Mari sacho Sach Dasdo.
by Yaar tera March 19, 2017
Thinking oneself so great when one is actually quite a loser;
Showing off, and thinking you're so cool, though no one notices anything.
The boys were being such Phoosies today, and the girls didn't even notice.
by QuestionableOne March 10, 2011
Both using in all 3 languages for “farting” caused by excessive gases due to bacterial activities and indigestion. A “padd” is a bit noisy, loud and has variable gas pressure and sounds more funny. While a phoosi.com is a female version of padd. It is sometimes just slip of small gas molecules. Sometimes it sounds like a sigh.
Though I have tried to answer but this question feels weird and ridiculous. Yeh phoosi ek bohut bari website hai.
by Phoosi.com November 21, 2020