69 definition by Billy Bob

a nerd reference to a "loser"
dood, ur such a 10z3r
by Billy Bob March 28, 2004

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a small danish child who thinks he is a negro.
look at Tiny B blasting his subs yo!
by billy bob December 10, 2003

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point of origin unknown! Is a new phrase used to describe ones attire and general style. They think they are original but in reality by trying to be different they actually fail! Comes fomr people who think chicken mayo is an individual filling of sandwich.
Bob's hair is so chicken mayo
Fanny thinks that she is so individual but actually she is a complete chicken mayo!
by Billy Bob December 04, 2004

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man whore. supreme whore. real slutty.
Dave is jackwhore
by Billy Bob June 08, 2003

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OMGOES is obsessively said by coaster geeks who have nothing better to do with their time than constantly go "OMGOES leik teh samri sux0rz teh b0yD”. Also, it is considered chavvy and therefore to be taking the piss out of chavs, but the geeks who say it end up so obsessed that they practically become chavs themselves. Conclusion: shut the fuck up.
"OMGOES leik teh samri sux0rz teh b0yD"
"OMGOES teh Thorpe Park rox0r"
"OMGOES its teh Slammer"
by Billy Bob January 06, 2005

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being a fiend, doing something in excess, showing animal like qualities
"OMG you just ate 76 hot dogs, that was frundish of you
by Billy Bob November 14, 2004

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a more insulting way of saying man purse
When my friend brought his portemonnaie to school I started to question his sexual preference.
by Billy Bob May 28, 2004

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