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Fairfield County, CT
The most versatile word (sound) in language.

1: Used as the word "not"

2: Used to point out ignorance
3: Said as an insult to poke fun at someone

4: Said when somebody says something stupid, overly cocky, or untrue
5: To indicate sarcasm.

urt, eurt, ERT, errrrttttttt
As "Not":
"Derby is a pretty sick town dude they have these huge bangers in the middle of fucking nowhere, where all these awesome sketchy kids can congregate and talk about their new guns or trucks or how much oxycontin they snorted last night....ERRT"
"Sounds even worse than monroe"

Pointing out ignorance:
"I think she's pretty sexy"
"Ert last night alone she blew four guys in the bathroom"

Making fun of someone:
"Last night I was so drunk I just couldn't get it up"

Pointing out something stupid:
"We went 10-0 on the table and I made ten shots a game but it was after everyone was passed out or blackout and no one saw me do it."
"I bet...errrt."

Indicating Sarcasm:
""That bright yellow '99 dodge neon is pretty sick...ERT"."
by TGK_AllDay October 11, 2010
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Ert indicates that something is stupid. Kind of like "DUH", or a more tolerant version of "that's so gay."
Ert! You are so dumb!
by Typography September 22, 2008
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A word that is said to someone that is being super cocky, arrogant, conceited, and full of themselves. When someone acts this way in a social situation you yell "ERT"
Angie: Christina, aren't you gonna get in trouble for wearing that dress?
Olivia: No she won't, but I did once because I actually have big boobs
Christina and Angie: ERT!

Matt: I'm soo good at football
Football team: ERT
by QueeenofERT March 14, 2010
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The increasing threat of armed terrorist violence in the mid-1970s brought about the need for changes to law enforcement service. Well organized and heavily armed criminal groups underlined the need for an equally sophisticated and strategic police response.

In 1976, the RCMP formed the first Emergency Response Team (ERT) to address the growing threat of critical incidents with levels of danger beyond normal expectations and exceeding the safe operation limits of regular police personnel.

Prior to this, a Hostage and Rescue Patrol (HARP) team fulfilled the role, although its purpose was strictly one of containment. Since then, ERTs have borrowed and modified tactics used in SWAT and military operations and combined them with police techniques to create an all-purpose and highly adaptable law enforcement team

-To provide tactical support against potential armed resistance if a situation deteriorates to the point that loss of life is imminent and where all other realistic attempts at resolution have failed.
-To preserve the lives of hostages, team members, and perpetrators.
-To resolve all incidents peacefully with minimum force.

An ERT consists of members trained extensively in tactical procedures and weaponry. The highly specialized skills of ERT members prepare them for resolving matters involving armed aggression and resistance, such as:

-Serious Crime arrest warrants
-Hostage rescue
-Armed barricaded subjects
-Protective duties

Team members must learn to move with precision in dynamic and stealth situations, during the day or night. They must adapt to all types of terrain, locations, and weather conditions, penetrate barricades and strongholds, gather and preserve evidence, and, if necessary, engage in close-quarter combat, evacuate hostages, and capture offenders.

Depending on the circumstances, ERTs work as a separate unit or in cooperation with other RCMP special operations units including Tactical Troops, Proceeds of Crime, Drug Enforcement, Police Service Dog Teams, and Protective Services. ERTs also assist Government of Canada departments, such as Canada Customs and Revenue, and join forces and share resources with other local law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime.

ERT is to Canada as SWAT is to America.
by Erikio2112 January 26, 2006
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(n.) Used frequently inside circles of theme park/roller coaster enthusiasts, it is an acronym meaning "exclusive ride time." For clubs and organizations, the park will open either allow members in earlier than the advertised time or allow them to stay in the park after the advertised time. Not all the rides will necessarily be open, however the ones that are are usually the high-profile, E-ticket rides.
At this year's event, we get into the park at 8:30 - that gives us two whole hours of ERT!
by Samuel Greenbaum January 04, 2010
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1:able to move
2:containing active properties <chemically~>
~ert-ness n

I have started a movement to get this word into the dictionary, I'm not sure if it would be considered advertising to put a link to it on here, but here's the site:
A young man was sitting in a reclining chair, contemplating the nuances of the universe, when a strange bit of linguistic pondering suddenly befell him:
I am sitting in this chair, yet I am still able to move. Am I ert? The answer eluded him as he sat, his mind working feverishly on the problem. He thought: if I had some sort of debilitating disease, I would be inert while in this chair, but alas I do not. I must be ert, I have to be.
by Patman March 18, 2006
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