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"Man fuck Donald trump, he wants to build a wall and don't pay taxes!!"
by January 30, 2017
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something really G, or something hot as hell, or another wordfor weed.
"yo son thats real budda over there"

"that niggaz a real budda fo sho"
by double G oh gee April 18, 2009
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An Australian term used as a noun in the same colloquial fashion as "brother" or "brotha". Not used to describe a sibling, rather only in greetings of friends or acquaintances.
Person 1: Hey how are ya budda?
Person 2: Yeah good budda.
by Steven Onions April 02, 2007
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“Black” colorway of Timberland boots, common term in Phili and New York
Man 1: “yo i just copped the new timbs son check em out”
Man 2: “damn b them buddas fresh”
Man 1: “the f*ck is a budda g?”
Man 2: “look it up on Urban Dictionary”
by 516yuh January 08, 2018
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An all round great person that doesn’t have any mean comments about people around him. Overall nice, honest, loyal, caring and jus sweet man that’s most likely fucking someone’s mother right now!
Woman: Budda Hit Me With That Cock That Last Night Made Me A Little Retared.

Second Woman: Your Telling Me I Want Seconds!
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by Real Nigga Dictionary April 04, 2018
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acronym for a futile act - "Barking Up a Dead Dog's Ass"
"You can go ahead and try to sell me that credit card insurance, lady, but I think you're BUDDA.
by gumpa June 11, 2009
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