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The only annoying thing about MrBeast videos. ITS SO ANNOYING
MrBeast: Before we begin the video I'd like to thank honey for sponsoring me for the 87 millionth time!
Me: Honey is stupid, it ruins MrBeast videos.

MrBeast HoneyMrBeast Honey
by BigSmoke40 November 17, 2020
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When a man craps between a woman's 2 circles, and then does an 89.
I gave Anne a chocolate sundae last night.
by BigSmoke40 December 11, 2020
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The only map in among us, that everyone plays on instead of Mira HQ or Polus. It is the best of the three, despite being incredibly smalls.
Jacob: I created a room the code is QTKLJF

Aiden: Why are we on Polus? The Skeld is so much better!

Jacob: Yeah the Skeld is better

Owen: Yeah go on the skeld

Aiden: *creates new room on skeld and everyone joins*
by BigSmoke40 November 9, 2020
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