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The chillest, coolest, best and most relaxed and fun place in the best city, SAN DIEGO!
The cops are chill, there are some rich assholes, but mostly kick ass people.
Point Loma is the best place to be...ever.
1612! 619 playas
San Diego is the best place in the world, but when you want to break it down, Point Loma in SD is even better...
by BigRed1612 December 23, 2006
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cumpee: the slimy pee that comes out when you first piss after an orgasm. When combined through the urinary tubes (the remaining semen & urine), it makes the substance that comes out,(cumpee), extremely uncontrollable and most times drips on the lid or the seat, making a mess.

*Depending on the orgasm, sometimes you won't have cumpee, but most the time you will.
Damnit! I just washed this thing and then I go to take a leak and cumpee got all over the seat.
by BigRed1612 January 18, 2007
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When your hanging out at a party or function, and the guy who bought the stuff refuses to pass it on. Therefore smokrobbing all the rest of the people, who eventually get it only after slight conflict.
Bill: Quit smokrobbing that shit man, pass it to the left.

Gilbert: Wait a sec, 10 more hits man.

Bill: Goddamn smokrobber.
by BigRed1612 January 23, 2007
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1. A dumbass.
2. A slang term for someone who is especially goon-like; clumsy/stupid person.
3. An undescribable and unknown color supposedly between purple, black, and blue.
1. Jim: What did you get on your SAT?
Bob: -1?
Jim: Your a fuckin maquirkle

2. Hector: Why did he fall?
Gab: He can't help it, he is an uncoordinated maquirkle.

3. Wyat: That car is sick dude!
Terry: Yea it has that mysterious look to it.
Wyat: I think its called Maquirkle.
by BigRed1612 January 18, 2007
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