Short for Fortnite Skin.

Yo bro check out my foreskin! It's so cool!

Damn I wish I had one, my parents chose to not let me.
by The Football Guy March 20, 2023
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My foreskin is all natural baby, it's nature's tarp!
by Drdude September 6, 2012
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(Generic Name): "Hey Tom got any spare foreskin?"
Tom: "The fuck?!"
by Garfield Kart October 30, 2018
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The fleshy thing that hangs on the end of a penis. Not to be confused with a woman.
by x April 9, 2003
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Softer than Silk, Tighter than a chipotle burrito, and chewier than a gummy worm
His Foreskin got stuck in his fly
by Vespi November 1, 2021
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the best thing any male can have

good in masturbation, sex and dicking around

good 4 ten cent trick
pull 4skin bac and tri 2 put and many 10c coinz in their az possibly az told 2 mi bi matt
by Mr-X May 28, 2005
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