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FWMB is short for 'friends with minor benefits.' Two individuals who are casual friends, and not dating or engaged to each other, but who occasionally engage in noncoital sexual activity, such as oral or mutual masturbation.
Jenny enjoyed a FWMB relationship with Peter, and his peter; but because they did not go 'all the way,' she felt that she was a good, pure Christian girl.
by Big Sky Heidi December 11, 2009
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This is the deliberate display of significant cleavage; whether through the choise of a daring low-cut dress or blouse, or positioning in order to emphasize the breasts.
Judy provided some staged décollété, much to the pleasure of Mike, Bob, and Joshua.
by Big Sky Heidi January 30, 2010
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This is a party given by some groups of women university students in which each attendee puts down an ante of $20 or so and invites the homeliest guy that she can. After the occasion is over, a vote is taken by all of the girls who had participated, and the winner gets a new vibrator and the remainder of the money. In essense, this is the female equivalent to a pig party.
The Phi Taus had a boar party last Saturday night. Amy won it by taking Cletus.
by Big Sky Heidi December 21, 2009
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This is an elliptical way of indicating that a guy has homosexual tendencies; not that there is anything wrong with that. Used in Pacfic Northwest. Most straight males abhor musicals.
Megan: "Do you think Thurmond is interested in me?"
Clarissa: Let's just say that he likes show tunes.
by Big Sky Heidi September 14, 2010
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This involves a guy rubbing his penis against a woman's vagina to orgasm while both are nude, without the penis gaining entry. It's supposed to have some risk of pregnancy due to possible cum entry.
We really didn't go all the way; we only engaged in some risky dry humping. It was delicious.
by Big Sky Heidi October 12, 2010
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This is a wall, usually in some aspiring male's office, in which he displays diplomas, citations, plaques, trophies, and pictures of himself with celebrities. This is done in a delibreate attempt to foster an enhanced self-image to others.
Jack had a few bogus plaques and diplomas on his God I'm wonderful wall. They impressed the chicks.
by Big Sky Heidi January 02, 2010
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This refers to the guy you're making out with sustaining an erection.
Barry and I were just necking, you know; and his little soldier saluted.
by Big Sky Heidi August 01, 2010
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