4 definitions by Big Rick Astley Daddy

When you constantly ask people if they've seen your penis.
Adrien: "Hey Maria, have you seen my pp?"
Everyone else in the group chat: "Stop pulling a Taka, Adrien"
by Big Rick Astley Daddy December 23, 2019
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When one person gives another person a cold and apologises prefusely and asks for forgiveness. Then the other person doesn't give a shit and gives them back an even worse cold.
"Aw man, Shiva gave Julia some awful cold"
"Yeah but it's fine now cuz she coldzoned him"
by Big Rick Astley Daddy January 15, 2017
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The best colour ever, don't even try me.
"What colour you want your jumper?"
"Sun yellow, I'm not a pussy"
by Big Rick Astley Daddy December 12, 2016
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