7 definitions by Big Ol' Boy

A creation by the almighty god Phil Swift who can patch, bond, seal, and repair with no effort at all. It is his gift to us mortals to repair our foolish mistakes. Don’t try making it at home, because it is a creation by a GOD, not a HUMAN. Only the most worthy people are chosen to own it. Without Flex Tape, we would not exist.
John: “Phil Swift appeared in front of me and gave me a roll of Flex Tape yesterday!”
Caden: “You should be glad, he has chosen you as a worthy bearer of that supernatural gift.
by Big Ol' Boy April 20, 2019
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The act of being a simp
John bought a $200 gift for his crush and got friendzoned, that was some immense simpery.
by Big Ol' Boy April 21, 2020
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“Today, we will band together in an alliance to Make Urban Dictionary Great Again!”
by Big Ol' Boy March 18, 2019
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The best game that will ever exist. It is a game for alphas, unlike the beta abomination known as fortnite.
Guy 1: “Hey bro wanna do some Minecraft?”
Guy 2: “Sure bro
by Big Ol' Boy April 21, 2020
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Just face it. The only reason why you looked up sex is to get horny and jack off because you are too scared that your parents will find porn videos on your search history.
Don’t search up sex here again.
by Big Ol' Boy October 24, 2019
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Get off the bed and do something productive you meat beating frick.
The only reason why you searched up “sex story” was so you would have something to beat your meat to. Stop. Do something healthy.
by Big Ol' Boy February 15, 2020
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A place where you can not swear or say heck or else you will get a belt whoopin
One day on Johnny’s Christian Minecraft Server
Billy: “What the heck is that?”
by Big Ol' Boy April 16, 2019
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