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to have a sexual encounter with someone for the first time
Girrrlll, I am so sick of his same whack ass sex game.
Yeah, after 4 years, you need some new bone!!

Dude, my shit wont even get hard anymore when im fucking Stacey.

Man- fuck that stank you need a new bone!!
by BfloHunnydew November 08, 2011

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A ass that sits on your back and is more square than round, resembling a bag with books in it
Jayden- Yo dawg I need a boo thang with a fatty
Kyle- Well dont mess with Cindy nephew she got a bookbag
by BfloHunnydew November 15, 2011

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To set out to do something trifling or illegal in order to make money.
Yo dawg, I aint smoke in 2 days. Im bout to hit this pookie mission so I can get a dimebag!!

Girrlll, my babydaddy is so trifling!!
Why now what he do??
Instead of getting a real job, this nigga out on a pookie mission to get the baby some diapers!
How he do that??
He sold all the games to the X-Box!!
by BfloHunnydew October 03, 2011

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To take a relatively normal situation and make it boughie or boughetto.
Girrrl, we went shopping in NYC and this heffa tried to boughify the trip by only copping knock-offs!! I was like girl you know you doin' too much!!

We was trying to order drinks and this ho tried to boughify it by only ordering Christal when the trick only drink Moscato!!
by BfloHunnydew September 30, 2011

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Obtaining relief from any of your life problems through the enjoyment of a wet, sticky, very enjoyable sexual encounter
Yasin- Dude Im Fckn stressed over these exams

Kyle- Yeah bruh lets go find some bitches for some wet aspirin

Yasin- Hell yeah, thats just what I need to get my mind right
by BfloHunnydew December 18, 2011

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The phrase you say to a person who has a whack or long sex game when you want them to hurry up and cum and get the hell off of you.
Shanny- OMG girl this nigga take forever to bust,and he not even good.

Jennifer- Tell that nigga to hurry up and buy so you can go about the rest of your day!

Boo- You like that shit shawty dont you?
Jennifer- Nigga please hurry up and buy so I can get to work!
by BfloHunnydew November 14, 2011

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(v) to have an extremely wet sexual encounter to the point where the women's vagina makes a squishing sound

(n)really wet, tight pussy
Boo- Babe Im tryin to squish squish tonight...
Jennifer- ok papi I get home at 8!

Jamail- yo son Im looking for that honey with a squish squish
Makail- well dont mess with Diamond that trout mouth bitch shit loose as hell
by BfloHunnydew December 15, 2011

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