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A freaky gay black dude known for his song What What (In the Butt) about having oral sex in the butt...nice.

He also has creepy dance moves and smooth skin for a guy.

I said What What.. okay...
Me: Holy Sweet Jesus Samwell is totally gonna butt rape me in my sleep. Oshit.
by BexCa March 08, 2009

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The name of a mystery involving the CD version of Misery business by paramore. there is a mariachi prelude, and after it ends and before the actual song Hayley Williams says something incomprehensible, it's not stated anywhere what she says.
Maria repeatedly listened to Misery business trying to solve the misery business prelude mystery.
by BexCa May 17, 2009

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When an emo who cuts themselves on one or both arms wears long sleeves and makes sure to hold on to the hand holes so they don't slide up accidentally stretch out their sleeves.
After cutting herself on one arm, Anna pulled on a long sleeved shirt and pulled down the sleeve. After two weeks Anna noticed she had major emo sleeve on the left sleeve.
by BexCa May 17, 2009

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A person (most likely femalien) who adores lotion. They put it on their hands every two minutes. They hate having dry hands. It grosses them out.
Erin: Oh My Gosh. Look at that girl put on lotion. I can see her back up lotion bottle. She is such a LotionWhore.
by BexCa March 10, 2009

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A certain move some lap dancers use, usually creepy guy lap dancers that lap dance for girls when they turn 21, where they go on their front and wrap their legs around the chair and complete it with superman arm positioning.
After seeing his man thong and large belly she got superman'd
by BexCa April 26, 2009

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