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Outragoeously tremendous or outrageously horrendous, depending on the context.
Person A: Splinter Cell is outrendous.
Person B: No way man, Frogger beats Splinter Cell...
Person A: That's what I meant.

Person 1: Your new high-lighter yellow shoes are outrendous!
Person 2: In the good way or the bad way?
Person 1: um... *runs away*

Anonymous 1: Wow, you got asked to be a partner for that huge law firm? That's outrendous!
Anonymous 2: Yeah, I know.
by bernz June 18, 2006
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A girl with attitude quite vain and loves her family,You don't want to get on the wrong side of her though.
by Bernz October 28, 2013
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Internet slang for hurt(/ing) myself laughing to express pain in finding something funny, either from being sore in the stomach muscles from laughing so much, from finding it hard to breathe from laughing too hard, or from falling off your chair while laughing. Can be used in instant messaging with people who are allergic to the phrase lol. Alternate versions: hyl (hurt(/ing) yourself laughing), hhl (hurt(/ing) him/herself laughing).
person a: and she says "what's a sex toy?"
person b: ow!
person a: hyl?
person b: no, just electrocuted myself.
person a: hml

Person 1: he literally hhl
Person 2: seriously?
Person 1: yeah, he didn't see the stairs he was laughing that hard
Person 2: hml!!!!!

by bernz June 11, 2006
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