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A younger woman who likes older men. Opposite of Cougar.
She only goes after 30 year old men. She is such a gerbil.
by Beretta April 11, 2009

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To intentionally ruin the chance of a hookup originating from Tinder. To have a terrible Tinder picture/profile.
Dude, your committing tindercide with that picture.
by BERETTA September 18, 2013

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Ticker symbol of automotive manufacturer (and fraudulent fever dream futurist huckster nonsense promoter) Tesla.
How can the valuation of TSLA be anything other than a fever dream when, as of of 12/11/2020, TSLA is valued more than Toyota, Oracle, Aflac, Uber, and Eversource COMBINED.
by BERETTA December 11, 2020

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noun. A person who always has a better story to tell.
Joey is such a goldbricker. I told him about the time I found $100 on the sidewalk and he said he once found $500.
by Beretta May 06, 2006

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