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A wordnewbie/word on the internet, a wanna-be wordhacker/word or wordgeek/word.

A person who writes simple scripts to perform hacks, cracks with little or no knowledge; uses downloads to gain 'status'.
In result causing damage out of lacking knowledge.

Plainly a wanna-be, might become someone with valid knowledge over time after self-study, which depends on the main intentions.
"I hacked download.com!!"
"Get a life, you scriptkiddie."
by BelgainDSoul August 8, 2003
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short for wordJavaScript/word
by BelgainDSoul August 12, 2003
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In computing:
A program designed to multiplicate and spread itself over networks.

Most are designed to destroy the systems they encounter, after they used it to 'breed'.
(eg. using contacts, emails, ... found on a system)

The damage; mostly just wordsoftware/word which needs to be re-installed.
The sollution: a wordvirusscanner/word
"I opened an email titled 'I love you', and screwed up my puter."
"LMAO, desperate eh?"
by BelgainDSoul August 12, 2003
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"What graca did you get?"
by BelgainDSoul August 12, 2003
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To be Romantic: To embody a certain ideal as a partner, or to be creative and innovative in a relationship.

In general a view on love, based on novells from the 18th century which introduced the concept of wordlove/word.

In current standards often outdated.
"That picnic was so romantic!!"

"He can be so romantic sometimes!"
by BelgainDSoul August 10, 2003
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A group of persons who misuse computer knowlegde to gain access to a computing system, leaving a trail of destruction behind.

Mostly confused with the term wordhacker/word, hackers/word.

A cracker would also design software like a wordcrack/word, wordtrojan/word or wordvirus/word.

Mostly in the desire to spread fear and feel powerfull, intelligent; in reality seeking attention, status from fellow 'crackers'.

See also wordscriptkiddie/word
by BelgainDSoul August 8, 2003
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Slang for the term "Daddy fucker", which identifies you as a female who has sexual intercourse with your father. (as opposed to being a male, having intercourse with your mother, or "mofo" - "Mother Fucker".)
"Hey, you. Dafo! You are the fashizzle!"
by BelgainDSoul August 25, 2004
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