6 definitions by Barkovi

When a woman trims her pubic hair.
When I opened the bathroom door Heather was in there taming her tiger.
by Barkovi November 18, 2011
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Mexican phrase: To be impressed or suprised.
When Roberto showed Cruz the new rims on his lowrider Cruz smiled and said "chingawa mang".
by Barkovi December 11, 2010
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When your wife or partner starts a batch of bacon in the skillet and runs off to do some other chore and orders you to "keep an eye on the bacon" and you are stranded at the stove.
Dad can you help me with my homework? Not right now, your mom has me on bacon watch.
by Barkovi February 20, 2012
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When you are totally worn out about hearing all the news coverage of the Pope.
Man, if I see one more news story about the Pope I'll scream! Guess I'm Poped out.

(sapped) (drained) (exhausted) (sick of) (worn out)
by Barkovi September 25, 2015
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When an athlete does something in a very precise manner and is lauded on TV by an idiot play by play commentator.
"Did you see how Big Rod McWadd threw that ball pass does defenders wiff such great precisevness?
by Barkovi November 1, 2016
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When a man or woman is having a sexual relationship with two lovers at the same time, not to be confused with the ever popular Manag de twa.
Larry was having a Tri-fuckular relationship with his girlfriend Lucy but was still married to Cindy.
by Barkovi October 30, 2014
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