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What did you say? This was originally said by Jamison Hunt. He was being a SPED.
Interviewers: So, you like breathing in the CO from exhaust pipes?
Jamison Hunt: Who'd Ya Say?!
by BamBam April 10, 2003
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Let's get the hell outta' here!
Let's didi before we get our shit shot.
by BamBam August 31, 2003
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A person who performs oral sex while wearing a "grill" (jewelry for ones teeth) in their mouth.
Sally gave me chromedome last Saturday in the park.

I totally received major chromedome yesterday!

That girl can give some mean chromedome.

by BamBam November 11, 2008
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Someone who eats things that come from the back end of cats.
Jebo does drugs and picks her noise alot.
by BamBam January 8, 2004
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An orgy on eight legs , hubba hubba hubba
Lets go into that room and boel for soup baby
by BamBam September 4, 2003
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a rolling paper used to roll various substances into a cigarette form.
Let me have a skin, dude, so I can twist one up.
by BamBam August 31, 2003
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