The living embodiment of savage. Doesn’t take shit unless he wants that shit. No living mortal has tried his dominance.
I am jebo! You are bitch
by An_endangered_species November 08, 2018
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Someone who eats things that come from the back end of cats.
Jebo does drugs and picks her noise alot.
by BamBam January 08, 2004
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Jebo is an idiot or dumbass of a male gender, generally speaking in slovak or czech.
Dig, ten jebo je ale kokot. Yo, that idiot's such a dick!
To je jebo. What an idiot.
Jebko. A childish or infant version of Jebo.
by Szia Mafia August 16, 2017
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Balkan swear word that means "god fuck you"
Disi marko bokte jebo!

Znas li gdje je lea? Kako da ja znam bokte jebo!
by Baked patato 212 October 01, 2020
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