Shit Shot

A shit shot is a form of sarcasm, mixed with contempt, disdain and passive aggressive verbal attacks hidden under guise of speaking in general. In reality the shit shot is directed at a specific person who the shit shotter has contempt disdain and more often than not is jealous of. A shit shot is crafted either verbally or in writing (usually Social media). and in such a way the person throwing the shot shot can gas light the victim and appear innocent to their audience.
Nicole posted on Facebook, "I'm glad I'm not the only woman with a mustache."
Nicole was throwing a shit shot at her dad's ex, who has hyperpigmentation /discoloration/shadow on her upper lip.
by No Limit Charlie E. March 18, 2015
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A shit shot is the absolute worst shot known to mankind. It is a vile concoction of beer end-drippings, vodka residue and partially dried tequila gravy. Actually, you know what, no. Whatever. I don't give a shit, there's no formula, just make like a chapstick-eating homeless dude and power the sad bitter remnants of anything you enjoyed drinking earlier into a hateful slurry closer genetically to liquefied sheep vomit and engine grease than liquor that will nevertheless get you mildly drunk, albeit in a self-hating way.
After gagging down half a dozen shit shots, in addition to some genuine liquor, Hannah's night was ruined utterly.
by Brandon 'Faggot' Parent September 30, 2010
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1. an extreme like or approval of past event or item at hand.
2. used when something or someone was so epic that no words can describe it.
1. You saved a lot of money = the shit shot
2. You got something for free = the shit shot
3. John lands a 360 double heel first attempt. Tom would say to John and his friends "the shit shot"
4. any time the words "that was awesome" are to be used should now be replaced with The shit shot
by Shank90 September 15, 2009
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A shit shot is another way of saying garbage in pool. You hit the cue ball and low and behold, a ball you never dreamed would go in, goes in. Pure luck, a shit shot. As DBT says in their song, "shit shots count."
Jamal just banked in a 3 pointer and acted like he intended for it to go off the glass. Total shit shot.
by Rico Cooper March 25, 2020
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Taking pictures when u look like fucking shit!! A filthy hot mess.
Hey susan we have no makeup on and our hair is in ponytails... Lets take a shit shot!!
by shanimallover October 17, 2010
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the act of taking a shot of liquor at the exact moment you are defecating.
would you like a shit-shot?
by shitshotter May 12, 2011
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Baby Shit Shots is where you can't take an actual shot *Coughs.....Mitchell PokePack* Anyways Baby Shit Shots is where you don't know what a shot is so you barley put any alcohol in their glass or mouth. Mitchells are usually the worst ones at shots so Baby Shit Shots are most relatable to Mitchells xD Or just Mr. PokeePackk
"Mitchell why you always got to take some Baby Shit Shots."
by BroskiiiPotatooooo March 24, 2021
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