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To have sex with

See also: caution tape, homicide, 187, chalk outline
Guy: So how'd things go with Susie?
You: Killed her man.
by Bri December 16, 2004

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first of all, there are basically two types of preppy. while both date back to the original root of the preppy style. there is an east coast prep, and a west coast prep.
both of these types of preppy go back to the original polo shirts like lacoste, lilly pulitzer, ralph lauren, jcrew and other brands.
l.l. bean, lands end and patagonia are also preppy favorites.
while some west coast preps do shop at baercrombie, it's not for any tight or revealing clothing. it's for basic slimt fit chinos, nice skirts and oxfords. preppy does not mean snobby, and rich although most preps are from well off families.
preps are not mean, condescending people.
we often play sports like lacrosse, golf and tennis.
and while most of us do drive nice cars, and do pop our collars (without a crease, of course) we are not mean and rude to people.
a true prep respects everyone and is well mannered.
many times we volunteer our time to charity and helping the less fortunate.
more importantly we must always look collected and neat, have good manners and NEVER reduce ourselves to making fun of others.
most preps go to a private school, like myself, and stay with the classic preppy looking never trading it in, but sometimes it's nice to add something to the classic look.
anyway, people need to stop saying preps ONLY wear abercrombie and that stuff because actually, most of us don't.
we are not snobby as MANY of you have tried to say, if you get to know a prep we're actually really nice.
we love ribbons in our hair, printed belts, jane fox flip-flops and most importantly tote bags!

you all should really give preps a chance before you judge them as self centered rich kids!
catie looked super chic prep in her sky blue lacoste polo (collar up, no doubt!), khaki chinos and vera bradley tote, and the ribbons in her hair totally accentuated the look.
by bri August 16, 2004

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Funk of the balls;
the sweatiness of the balls which causes smelliness, cheesy chunky substance on balls
Male who does not keep balls clean and dry
by Bri October 30, 2002

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jelly bracelets r tight!! i dont c wut the prob is. if kids wanta b whores let em.. i mean most of us arent gunna do that stuff cuz sumone broke ou bracelet! how lame! imma skater/punk i wear black n blue ..... i juz wear em cuz they r cool not to fuck. if u wear them juz to fuck ur desperate!!
a guy breaks my bracelet ... we joke about it n its over! adults get a life!!!!!!!!
by bri May 28, 2004

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A person, usually a republican male, with a developmental disorder that hampers his ability to locate the clitoris on a female sex partner.
Laura was a real crabby bitch because her husband George was such a clittard.
by Bri May 15, 2003

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Giving your girl a little "hairstyling help" at the of a "romantic encounter"
Every morning, Jim and John would give Kathy and Amy fresh new spermanents.
by Bri May 15, 2003

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sumthin that make a nigga get the munchiesand talk crazy

sumthin that can turn sum girlz on
Damn nigga i got the munchies, pass that blunt back dis way
by Bri October 31, 2004

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