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A Small Town in Western MA thats about 90 miles West of Boston. Next to Amherst, Ma and Northampton, MA. Known for cowfield, and rednecks. Teenagers of the town party in the woods. Very hickish.
Are you going to Northampton to party?
Nah, they are hippys, lets go to HADLEY, MA !!
by Katie24 October 16, 2006
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A small town in Hampshire County, Massachusetts. Its population was 5,250 in the 2010 census, and it is mostly comprised of farmland. It is known for being the asparagus capital of the world and its produce is served in many Europea restaurants and the Queen’s annual spring feast in England. The town hosts an annual asparagus festival, drawing hundreds or thousands.

It is a generally family-oriented, close-knit society, with one elementary school, one middle/high school, and one public library. Many farms have farm stands driven by the honor system, where people are trusted to pay for what the take.

For entertainment, most go to the Hampshire Mall, which has a movie theater, a rollerskating place, a bowling alley, and arcades.
Why would you wanna go to Northampton, dude?? Let’s party in Hadley, MA!
by Stringsauce August 01, 2018
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