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Someone who steals another person's style, thoughts, ideas, etc.
"Wow, Mike copied my idea, he's such a swagburglar."

"That guy stole my style, he's a swagburglar."
by BFochs January 03, 2009

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Another way of saying the internet in context to urban-related material.
"Mane the e-streets was poppin' like a mofo!"

"You catch that new hip hop blog in the e-streets today? That thing is SICK!"
by BFochs January 21, 2009

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The female version of cock blocking.
"This chick REALLY wanted to get with me, but I had to vag vault her, I had ish to do, no time for sex."

"Wow, she totally got vag vaulted, serves her right for being too antsy."

"To vag vault or not, that is the question."
by BFochs June 08, 2009

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An interview done via twitter.
BFochs 5 minutes until a Twinerview with Jay-Z

BFochs@ realhov: What's goin' on Jay-Z, thx 4 the interview bro, what's good?

realhov@ BFochs: No problem, B, not much, just doing me ya dig, how you doin'

BFochs@ realhov: Not too bad I must say, let's start w/ an intro tell these peeps who u r

realhov@ BFochs: My name is Shawn Carter, I'm from Brooklyn, I'm a music mogul for a living, and a hip hop icon.
by BFochs April 28, 2009

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A term indicating that someone is being extra gay or is displaying an amount of gayness that seems extraordinary.
"Man, you must have taken some gayroids because you are actin' extra gay today."

"Lay off the gayroids, you are beyond gay right now."

by BFochs February 19, 2009

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An extension of the slang term 'word' which means to agree with something.

"Did you get the invitation to the party?" "word.com"

"I think that's the biggest swagburglar I've ever seen." "word.com"
by BFochs February 15, 2009

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A term used to describe an individual with an extremely high amount of style, swag, charisma, etc.
"Mane, that dude is a Swaggacaine waiting to happen!"

"Did you hear about what's his face? He came up in the club lookin' like a Swaggacaine!"
by BFochs February 02, 2009

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