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A term indicating that someone is being extra gay or is displaying an amount of gayness that seems extraordinary.
"Man, you must have taken some gayroids because you are actin' extra gay today."

"Lay off the gayroids, you are beyond gay right now."

by BFochs February 19, 2009
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The NEWEST nickname for the most OVERPAID Baseball player of all time, third baseman yankee Alexander Rodriguez.

This is due to the fact that besides being a cock-sucking faggot (just ask Derek Jeter) is also a steroid user since he recently confessed to Sports Illustrated that he took steroids during his 2001-2003 seasons with the Texas Rangers.
Yankee Fan 1: Look at A-Rod, he is such a good third baseman.

Fan 2:What?? Are you serious? Gay-Roid can't catch shit at third base and on top of that he can't hit on clutch situations.

Yankee Fan 1: He's gotta be good otherwise he wouldn't be the highest paid player of all time with an annual salary of $27.5 million.

Fan 2: Gay-Roid is flat out OVER-RATED and frankly I don't know why they pay him so much he has never won a World Series Pennant nor a League Pennant for that matter, I'd rather put the cheapest player on third base instead of this bitch.
by Kal-El of Krypton March 16, 2009
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