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Sometimes an individual is so fat that the rolls of fat on their back become strange, breast-like appendages. They have a bizarre, hypnotic power. Even though you are mildy repulsed, it is hard to look away once you see a real pair of beauties jiggling like there's no tomorrow on someone's back.
1. Cheryl: Man, check out the back boobs on that femullet! Those have got to be double D's.
Brigid: At least!

2. Jenna: Thank GOD I don't have back boobs!
Cheryl: ...YET!
by BAJohnstonIsMyWeekendDad November 22, 2009
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Originated from the television show "The Trailer Park Boys".

During "The Cheeseburger Picnic", Bubbles heads over to the “Convenients Store” and he somehow convinces Corey and Trevor to leave the store and come over to help Ricky and Julian. Ricky takes Trevor out to collect garbage, because as Bubbles explains, Trevor has huge alien garbage scooping arms.

Can be used to describe anyone with freakishly long arms.
Cheryl: "Hey, Brandon, you have alien garbage scooping arms. Hold them out, let me measure those freakish things."
by BAJohnstonismyweekenddad April 06, 2009
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How you say "Baja Fajita" at the Taco Time drive-through at 2 AM when you're high on mushrooms.
Sloan: Hey, can I have a Bah-dja Fah-dji-tah, please?

Taco Time employee: Umm...do you mean Baja Fajita?

Sloan: No, I mean a fucking Bah-dja Fah-dji-tah.

Taco Time employee: Uh...ok, that'll be $2.96.
by BAJohnstonIsMyWeekendDad April 22, 2009
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The line of acne a person gets across their forehead from sweating all day long in a hard hat.
Cheryl: I would be a construction babe if it weren't for this insane Hard Hacne.
by BAJohnstonIsMyWeekendDad June 26, 2010
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The female counterpart to the mullet. They are somewhat more rare than the mullet, and inspire so much more awe. Also in most cases, they arouse wild desire. The femullet can often be seen hanging around the local McDonald's, buying every item off of the Dollar Menu. It is highly common to see a femullet with back boobs.

A femullet can't contain her raw sexuality, so naturally, her hair becomes a conduit. Any sexual partner of the femullet receives infinitely more release and gratification than a normal woman can ever hope of giving. Some cultures revere the femullet's power of fertility.

If you manage to snip off some of the femullet's hair, burn it and inhale the fumes, it is said to have an aphrodesiac effect.
Darrel: Man, that is one wicked old femullet over there.
Ellyse: Yeah, she bought like 20 egg McMuffins and now she's just scarfin'. Niiice.
by BAJohnstonIsMyWeekendDad November 22, 2009
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1. When one sees someone of at least moderate celebrity in the washroom and decides to talk to them. This can range from local newscasters to Hollywood celebrities. Usually one forgets that under normal circumstances they wouldn't pee right beside someone if they didn't have to, or that they could become the reason why the "celebrity" never goes to that place ever again.

2. When one is cornered in the bathroom by someone they don't know or like. These usually happen when one or both participants are inebriated.
Piss Pleasantries are only creepy if you don't know the person or are only vaguely acquainted with the person you are exchanging them with.

1. Fabian sees some guy from the third Terminator movie in the washroom at The Freehouse. Even though he's the only other person in the washroom, he chooses the urinal next to him.
Fabian: "Hey man, how're you liking Regina?"
Guy From Terminator 3: "Hnnnnnngh"

2. Annette: "Hey, what's your favourite color?"
Cheryl: "Get away from me, you drug addled bitch!"
by BAJohnstonIsMyWeekendDad July 02, 2009
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A psuedo flasher is someone who wears their nasty flesh coloured panties out of necessity (it's laundry day, all their other underwear was burnt in a house fire, etc) and the fly on their jeans is wide open. Usually they don't realize this for hours. Upon realization, the psuedo flasher can a)see the hilarity of the situation or b)be completely humilated and move to a different city/country/planet. Ideally a pseudo flasher would feel mildly horrified but mostly pleased.
Cheryl: Man, I was walking around the park all day long, I didn't realize I was being a psuedo flasher until I got home last night.
Jane: It's a hard knock life.
by BAJohnstonIsMyWeekendDad January 31, 2011
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