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Something said when a male is complaining about everything, or refusing to come out for a night out.
1. why isn't Jim at the pub?

he's got sand in his Vagina!

2. man jim hasn't shut up about the football game.

yer i think he got some sand in his vagina..
by BADDAZONER February 2, 2011
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the pale skin of a person who plays to much Xbox and doesn't get any sunlight.
yo tim hasn't come out in days.

yer he's playing Xbox working on his Dungeon Tan.
by BADDAZONER December 3, 2010
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to drop a fart whilst in a aisle in the supermarket and quickly making your escape down the next aisle leaving all in your wake in a toxic gas cloud.
the man quickly went around the corner to the next aisle after dropping a supermarket fart

everyone else- wtf is that smell?
by BADDAZONER January 8, 2011
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a annoying ball of hormones, often thinks that they are the coolest most amazing person in the world but there just an annoying little kid. usually found playing COD with there squeaky voices over the headset.
13 year old- OMG im da coolest.

everyone else- STFU kid.
by BADDAZONER January 6, 2011
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the darlignhurst briefcase refers to the cask of wine (goon) a homeless man walks around darlignhurst in sydney city all day with, it provides him with a pillow at the end of the day. the word darlignhurst can be changed to whatever major city the homeless man is roaming and drinking his cask wine.
the homeless man went to the bottle shop in the city to get his darlignhurst Briefcase
by BADDAZONER December 27, 2011
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a mini skirt usually worn by a obese woman at a music festival showing off her cellulite infested thighs
yo bro don't look over there..

*looks* OMG! i think she has a case of cellulite skirt
by BADDAZONER February 9, 2011
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any form of alcohol that turns you into a idiot after drinking it.
Tom is down at the pub drinking some idiot juice.
by BADDAZONER May 19, 2011
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