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A facist organization that contributes to the brainwashing of american youth - forcing the following:
1. Fashion (bad fashion)
2. Sex
3. Eating disorders
4. Bad Music
5. Censorship

eMpTyV is the devil in disguise. Boycott at all costs.
While in the public restroom, i heard 14 year old girls talking about the latest video on MTV and how it inspired them to throw up today's lunch.
by B DOG July 08, 2003

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Actually, the Hoover is fucking a girl from behind, while she is on all fours, then pulling her arms out in front of her and pushing her around on the carpet.

*note: may cause serious rugburn.
While fucking his girlfriend, she called out another man's name, so he Hoovered her ass all over the floor.
by B DOG July 08, 2003

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oh yoozzz jusss jealusss of my luscious scoops of flesh you skank.
by B Dog May 20, 2006

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One who uses the power of the weiner to the max!
Justin is weinairific
by B Dog October 30, 2003

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