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I don’t care if she has the runs, I’m gonna have me a Tijuana Salad.
by Azteca September 28, 2022
Of course discovered by the Germans. THey called it, "San Diago", which, of course in German means a whale's vagina. It DOES NOT mean Sanit Diego. In fact, scholars maintain that the true translation has been lost.
San Diago! Drink it in! It always gows down smooth.
by Azteca October 4, 2007
One of the schools in the University of California system. Occupied mainly by Asians, Ugly Girls, and all around Nerds. It has an ugly campus located in La Jolla where there is basically nothing to do past dark. UCSD is currently attempting to eliminate every program that is not strictly academic. On the bright side, academically UCSD exceeds all other colleges in San Diego. But if you're looking to have fun and get an education in San Diego, SDSU is the better choice.
Tina: Hey, did you get accepted into UCSD?
Cindy: Yeah, but I'm going to State instead.
by Azteca October 4, 2007