Someone who has a 3inch cock
by asseater54 March 23, 2020
A dinosaur-looking man with arms of an excessive length which are useful for reaching for his dreams farther than anyone; yet his wings are inadequately small which prevent him from flying.
"I keep losing at all my track meets but I'm working and training harder than everyone. I feel like a Sanit."
by DocDrea February 10, 2014
Cleaned. Cleared of all bad things. Clean enough to eat your dinner from.
The toilet was sanitized and was a joy to sit on.
by kozzoo March 30, 2009
To get hammered off germ killing anti-bacterial hand sanitizer.
J: Dude last night I drank three quarts of germ-x. I was so sanitized.

C: Holy shit bro, you better slow down or you'll be hospitalized!
by PatBen22 April 25, 2012
to clean and groom one's genitals pre sexual activity
I have a date with the girl i met at the bar last week, best sanitize just in case things go will.
by magicbeans_R_A_sign_of_hope January 23, 2012
Noun: Someone who smells like ass and/ or is an ass.

Verb: Yo whats up. Used to start a conversation
Sam did not take a shower today and is stealing everyones food. He's being a real sanitation.

Tom: Sanitation
Bill: Hey dude wats up.
by vladison February 2, 2011