9 definitions by Aurora Blew

One whose Identity and relationship to the world is centered around his genitals.
'He never stops talking about his sexual conquests...he's so cockcentric'.

player wolfcadwomanizer
by Aurora Blew February 12, 2017
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A man who is seen as 'ultimate', ideal.
He treats her so well she says he's her Ultiman for life.

Knight in Shining Armor Prince Dreamboat Hero Soul mate
by Aurora Blew February 12, 2017
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Endearments and pillow talk whispered into a lover's ear. More meaningful than sweet nothings.
We were kissing and then he spoke sweet somethings softly into my ear.

Pillow talk lovers making out
by Aurora Blew February 12, 2017
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A woman who has straight pubic hair, thereby resembling a goat's beard.

Synonyms: pubes, pubic hair.

#pubes #mons pubis #vulva #yoni
"My hair down there is so straight, it looks like a goat beard.
by Aurora Blew March 11, 2017
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Sealed with a kiss.

Usually written on the back of a snail mail envelope.
I received a letter from him and on it was written S.W.A.K.

Kiss P.S. U.S. Mail Pen Pal
by Aurora Blew February 12, 2017
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Inferior strains of Marijuana which scarcely result in a 'high', but almost always cause a headache.
They really thought that weed was dank, but it was Downer Brown.

Mexican weed Dry, Brown Reefer Drug Cartel Shank Weed
by Aurora Blew February 12, 2017
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A combination of 'jacked up' and 'bogged down'. Jacked up and uneasy about things taking too long. Bogged down like a starved engine sputtering on its last bit of fuel. Unnecessary delays.
We got Jack-Bogged at that new restaurant, the food took so long.

time delay tardy
by Aurora Blew April 29, 2014
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