Contemporary art that eschews style, content and technical skill and replaces these with hip effects like randomly applied paint drips and stencils. A reference to action movies that consist entirely of explosions, car chases and CGI.
Guy: I thought it was a good show, with some really aesthetically interesting stencils of spiderwebs...
Guy2: Yeah but you're into special effects.
by foxinshocks August 1, 2008
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This is where skanky teenage girls take nude pictures of themselves in the bathroom mirror with their camera phones and submit the pics to amateur voyeur sites.The special effects come from them using a filthy mirror splattered with zit jism and toothpaste gunk.
I couldn't tell if that chick was hot or not on account of the amateur porn special effects.
by wolfbait51 June 5, 2011
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When something that happens to you in real life can be compared to an outlandish movie that you have seen
Guy 1:Man, a brick flew off a semi on the freeway and struck my windshield basically knocking the whole windshield into my lap!
Guy 2:That’s that special effects shit dude, FUCK THAT!
Guy 1:I know man, like my eyes flashed right before my eyes
Guy 2:*Looks at car* Holy Shit dude!, yeah I would have crapped my pants. Glad I wasn’t in the car.
by Suckmyyouknowwhat August 2, 2019
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