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The sexiest most powerful man ever who catches breezies left and right. Also the unstoppable #1 of B-Unit
Shiven has the biggest dick ever, wow he's hott.
by Atrain February 24, 2004
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An era in the United States where minorities are more prevalent in American culture and influence the flow of society to the point where they are no longer considered minorities.
The Ethnic Boom forever changed the way Americans view people of foreign decent as we know it today, at one point those people were once considered minorities.
by ATrain September 16, 2013
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The act or pastime of traveling to a city to visit friends of interest. The more fun way of traveling over traditional sightseeing.
I went friendseeing in San Fransisco this past weekend and the whole gang came out to see me!
by ATrain June 10, 2014
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A word that Maria likes to use in her away messages even though it is clearly not part of the English language.
"Umich is so boring, all we do is get schwasted"
by Atrain April 28, 2004
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the biggest pimp out for all da ho's n bizitches; the badest mofucka ya niga's ever c
damn niga, he fucking caught dat damn breezie like alok yo!
by atrain November 22, 2003
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