11 definition by Atog

You don't know that shit?
That shit is the MAD NOTES
written by God herself and handed down to the greatest band in the world--the motherfucking time!
I think i wanna know ya (know ya) jungle loooove
girl i wanna show ya (show ya)
by Atog May 03, 2005

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The UP, as spoken by Yoopers.
Mahn, me n Jimmy were ought huntin in da west of da Yoop, eh? an we fand this ghant buck, eh? Like tir-teen points on 'er!
by Atog April 30, 2005

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Talking or typing in sentances that have never been spoken anywhere by a human before
So here i am making a couch and watching Mike Vernan eat some ducks, when all of the sudden this wooden diamond drank me. Shit.
by Atog December 20, 2004

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A blatant anti-Commie propaganda movie from 1984 in which the reds launch world war three.
Person1: you know, i just watched Red Dawn. Let's go hail Joe McCarthy.
Person2: Kk.
by Atog April 30, 2005

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