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To just say something but not actually do it. To pretend that you believe a certain thing but not practice that belief.
The company pays lip service to equal rights, but has only one woman working for them and she's underpaid.
by Athene Airheart May 15, 2004

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Some people may be wondering why anybody would yell "May Day" when they are in trouble. Here is why:

It derives from the French "m'aidez", pronounced "mayDAY," and means literally "help me."
If you are in distress while flying an airplane, calling "Mayday mayday mayday" over the radio will give you top priority and any help people on the ground or in the air can offer.
by Athene Airheart May 02, 2004

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A greeting. A friendly, country way of saying Hello.
"Howdy," said the farmer as she greeted her neighbor.
by Athene Airheart March 30, 2004

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When you get so glazed over from smoking the hwaddaow that you can't tell up from down.

Derived from Cheech and Chong, who smoked a lot of reefer.
Back in the day when we were burnin' a quarter a day we got good and cheeched.
by Athene Airheart May 30, 2004

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An affordable, low maintainance sedan built by Toyota. A popular first car. They will run forever. Also available in hatch back or sport coupe.

My personal favorite is the vintage 1979 2 door sedan. Rear wheel drive, 1.6 liter engine, bought it for $400 and it's still running strong.

Corollas rule!
I am glad I bought my Corolla, but I wish parts were easier to find for it.
by Athene Airheart March 19, 2004

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1. Anyone who can fly an aircraft. Pilots can be military, commercial, or fly for pleasure.

2. In general, a fairly skilled and intelligent individual who had the guts to get into an aircraft and learn how to fly it. Often possessing of a "higher" mindset. Most of us are good lookin,' too.

Joke to prove I have a sense of humor too:

How do you know if a pilot is at a cocktail party?

He'll tell you.
"The ultimate responsibility of the pilot is to fulfill the dreams of the countless millions of earthbound ancestors who could only stare skyward and wish."
by Athene Airheart March 14, 2004

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An untruth. An untrue statement. A wrong idea.

That which is fallacious.
The idea that the word "fallacy" has anything to do with sex is itself a fallacy.
by Athene Airheart May 15, 2004

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