22 definitions by Atheistsarelyingtothemselvs

Those who Deny the existince of God
Christian: *says anything about God *
Atheist ACKACHULEE you wrong because I say so

*Then he gets sent to hell because he's wrong*
by Atheistsarelyingtothemselvs November 9, 2020
Someone who is obsessed with dream the minecraft youtuber to the point of insanity
That guy is so obsessed with dream what a Dreamcreep the other definition is going to horny jail
by Atheistsarelyingtothemselvs January 30, 2021
The worst people

Absolutely garbage humans who deserve to be put in jail
Redo of a healer fans are terrible people
by Atheistsarelyingtothemselvs February 11, 2021
The racist cuck known a ruck a who is like I said racist and he never makes fun of whites only minorities
Cucka cucka ali is racist little bitch
by Atheistsarelyingtothemselvs January 27, 2021
Something smart people say when Atheists claim all Christians are bad people
DumbAtheists: Christianity is a Cult

Sane people: everything i dislike is a cult
by Atheistsarelyingtothemselvs February 4, 2021