22 definitions by Atheistsarelyingtothemselvs

A phrase used by those who cannot handle analytical
thinking and can only handle simple thinking and simple
explanations. Atheist Mental gymnastics is required to figure out
difficult questions and topics.
Normal people: God is real he created everything
Atheists: wrong and I have nothing to prove it
Normal people: bruh that's some serious Atheist Mental gymnastics because you'll still die
by Atheistsarelyingtothemselvs November 13, 2020
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Dispite what the other definition said just being alive
Means living presently
just being alive means living chill
by Atheistsarelyingtothemselvs January 26, 2021
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A transphobic subbreddit which has a slur in the name
r/traps trap is a slur
by Atheistsarelyingtothemselvs January 31, 2021
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Someone who is obsessed with dream the minecraft youtuber to the point of insanity
That guy is so obsessed with dream what a Dreamcreep the other definition is going to horny jail
by Atheistsarelyingtothemselvs January 30, 2021
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