Ones that put shit like this “ Yeah uhm I can’t stop myself from crying over anime guys, cause I know I’ll never be able to meet them. I’ll never be able to comfort them, cook for them, or even talk to them. Yeah life’s depressing and sad. If you cry over anime guys or girls, I feel you. I’ll never be able to date them, and I’ll never be able to love them or let them love me. It’s sad, honestly. I’ve gone to the point where I hate real men, and I hate women who do hate-crimes and stuff, because they should be replaced by anime guys and girls. Honestly, our world would be a better place with anime guys and girls, instead of all the hate going around, and all the narcissism and disasters going on in our world. I cry almost every night, and that’s probably the only thing I cry for. Why can’t they exist? Why can’t I comfort them, or even see them? It hurts so much, it’s so painful. I know no guy will ever be like an anime guy, so I'm never going to have a boyfriend or husband... If you feel the same way I do, I’m telling you the truth right now. I have no idea how to solve it, not even fan fictions worked. All I can say is, would they want to see you sad or in pain?~”
Damn look at that anime server it’s full of the worst people ever. Ew is that another fucking Bakugo ship
by Hunky Man April 14, 2021
number 1 kanye west number 2 kanye east number 3 kanye south number 4 kanye south number 5 me
top 5 worst people oh wait i meant niggas oops