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A finger heart is a gesture in which a person (such as a K-pop star) performs a heart shape using their index finger and thumb but it also means "Give me my money" in gang signs causing misinterpretations.
Yo, Lets take a selfie using the finger heart for the k-pop concert!
by AsiAce March 02, 2020

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A girl who is only known for her looks rather than achievements in life or her personality
"Are you planning on dating her?"
"Fuck no! She's a Lithuanian"
"Oh fuck alright, understandable"
by AsiAce March 09, 2021

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Another term for throwing someone into the deep end
to take drastic action or react to something in an irrational or crazy way. to start doing something new or different without thinking carefully about it or without preparation
Bro let's just make Daniel our main fighter for tonight
Bro?! Giving the little kid Hennessy? are you crazy?!?
by AsiAce April 12, 2021

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When a twitch chat is only filled with Mods and VIP badges making new viewers be intimidate
David: "I only watch small twitch streams to help with viewer counts but I only find intimidating chats"
Jacob: "Oh right, same here not gonna lie"
by AsiAce March 03, 2021

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one part of five. 20% of something
"Don't tell me you're about to drink all that?!?"
"Nah G, only one fifth"
by AsiAce December 05, 2020

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