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The version of the world wide web that exists "n" years from now, where n is a very large number and internet marketeers have still not been able to come up with a new buzzword to market crap to you online so they decided to go with n.0
where n = whatever version of the www that they claim exists at the time
I need to update my site to make it look more enpointo, yo!
by Arunabh Das February 01, 2009
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The cool, streetslang word for homepage / website. Webcrib is exactly what the name implies. Your homepage, webpage, website but "cooler".
I'll check out your webcrib fo shizzle homie. Now where's Michael Phelps' bong at?
by Arunabh Das February 18, 2009
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Adding "bling" including slick-looking UI elements, fancy-shmancy AJAX and web 2.0 interactivity to websites and web-applications and "pimp" your "web-crib".
By the time I'm done webchroming this site, it will be web3.0.
by Arunabh Das February 18, 2009
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nerdismo is nerd-machismo. It goes a step beyond just plain "being a nerd" to the realm where you flaunt the fact of living the nerd lifestyle...
I love Richard Stallman for his nerdismo, yo!
by Arunabh Das January 25, 2007
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The Worst Economic Crisis Since The Great Depression.
This is twecsitgredep. If I had more time, I would tell you what I mean by that but my home is being repossessed, my bank has gone under and my plastic surgeon wants to perform liposuction on me so he can eat. So I'll save time by referring to it as the twecsitgredep.
by Arunabh Das February 17, 2009
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a huge dork
uber is German for over
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog came up with this terminology during his visit to the Star Wars Fan Convention outside Ziegfield Theater
See also - ubergeek, ubernerd
by Arunabh Das March 15, 2004
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redundant answer to an obfuscated question
"What's the meaning of it all?"

"Does the celery not dance at midnight?"
by Arunabh Das March 06, 2005
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