Sienna Miller was in a red Ferrari in the next lane over, wearing a bikini top and shades. I had a crisis when I saw her.
by nickgdb July 20, 2009
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krahy-sis noun,

A self inflicted gasoline problem caused by a flock of morons. Usually this flock lacks of common sense. You can locate

flocks like these in the Dallas, Fort Worth area.
"Did y'all hear a few Quick Trips might not refuel a couple of their stations on time?"
"OMG let's panic y'all and buy up as much gas as we can!!"

"I need to fill up my unnecessarily large pickup that I don't use as a pickup to compensate for my tiny pecker"

"Y'all!!! 7-11 done is bein' refueled!! Let's rush it y'all... 'cause them field technicians, delivery folks, ubers and lyft people are the anti Jesus!! Get the fuel before them people do!"

"Y'all? I caint get gas anywhere! They done been sucked dry! We have a major crisis y'all"
by El_Weavo September 3, 2017
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1. The moment you realize you didn't save you Word Document

2. 4 Year-Olds force you into a bathroom and guard the door so you cannot escape
Jim: Gah! My Word Document! I didn't save!
Mother: Ooh, that seems like a big crisis.
Jim: YUP
by Youtttttt November 29, 2011
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Inflected forms: cri·si·ed out , crizz·le crise
1. Not good; bad.
That food was crisis.
2. Informal Departing from moderation, especially:
a. Possessed by inappropriate glee, too gay. Kidco and his mans and them are crisis.
b. Immoderately and immodestly fond of something wack; infatuated with bullshit:
He's feeling that new Range. What a crisis blumpkin.
c. Intensely involved or preoccupied:
The kid is crisis with all that rasta shit.
d. Foolish or impractical; senseless:
That is a crisis approach to pulling hos.
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An older man with bad hygiene that dates real young women.
Ol' girl is only like 9; yo really Crisis'd it.
by Los March 7, 2003
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He has it hard man; he was a Crisis child.
by Los March 7, 2003
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A person (Usually a male) who tries to rap so hard, but ends up looking like a fool.
Haaa, homie in the cypher Crisis'd it.
by Los March 7, 2003
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