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A variation of the gravity bong, with a small hole near the bottom of a 2 liter. The dank is placed in a bowl on top of the 2 liter and is lit while the hole is uncovered and and the water is let out. A very efficient way of getting extremely stoned in one hit.
I hit the pisser with Kdizz the other day and got soooo stoned off just one hit! We were baked for at least 6 hours...
by Artizz April 21, 2006

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1) n. Someone who is very skilled in all aspects of life.

2) v. To be owned; mowed, plowed, wrecked, etc.
1) WOW! Big Sachtj just wrecked you guys in that tennis match!

2) Excuse me sir, I believe you just got big sachtj'd. Please don't talk to me anymore.
by Artizz May 04, 2006

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a. 1. Really high; baked, fried, blazed, stoned, etc.
-Oh my lord, I am soooo blazed, how bout you?

-I am kettled off my ass!
by artizz April 21, 2006

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1) n. A mix between dank and junk. Can refer to anything, but usually something really cool.

2) adj. Really cool.
1) Yo lemme get that jank!

2) That shit is straight up jank!
by Artizz May 04, 2006

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