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The accidentally-dirtiest movie made by Disney chronicling a young boy during the outbreak of the American Revolution. Also the best movie you'll ever watch in U.S. History due to the infamy of the Johnny Tremain wave and the plethora of quotable quotes contained within the film:

- Are you excited Johnny?
~So much that I wish I had two good hands!

- Do not molest them unless molested upon first!

- *seductive tone* I was waiting for you to ask.

- Hey you two, gimme a hand!
~ Let me get busy first!

- Bring that to my house and we'll uh... discuss our relationship.

- They must do what I no longer can. You.
Johnny Tremain, you go outside and blow that whistle AS HARD AS YOU CAN!
by Arsenic EI March 21, 2010
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When one is about to have a moment that renders one a hoe.

Example 2: Oh. My. Gawd. Did you see her all over him? Total hoement.
by Arsenic EI April 16, 2010
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To REALLY get to know someone *suggestive face*
Example 1: Jerome kept trying to ghetto know me and I was like "HELLS NO. Get yo junk up offa me!"

Example 2: That hobo on the corner sure ghetto knows.
by Arsenic EI July 1, 2010
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The greatest activity roommates, friends, and colleagues can partake in: the group nap.
It is ALWAYS time for a GRAP. ~ Man, I just took a REALLY BIG GRAP in there. ~ GUYS, THIS IS THE REALEST GRAP WE'VE EVER HAD. ~ "Hey wanna grap with us?" "No." "That was the coldest rejection I've had in a long time. Tonight is just a night of EXTREMES."
by Arsenic EI November 10, 2010
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