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A name given to Intellectuals of the highest Caliber. They are often misunderstood individuals. It is common for Tremain's to have many haters, they however, only fuel the resolve to be great. Individuals with this name are or will become great leaders in the world. Tremain is not to be confused with Jermaine or Tremaine
Tremain graduated Magna Cum Laude from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.
by TheIntellectual April 09, 2010
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The most handsome boy you will meet. Will most likely go out with a Carlessia but is in love with a Theresa.
Girl 1: Ain't that Carlessia man?
Girl 2: Yea but he talkin to Theresa to.
Girl 1: Don't both of them go to hea.
Girl 2: Tremain do to
by ddjdjdjgfjhfgh December 15, 2017
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