6 definitions by Aria A. Darling

"He was trying to take pictures at tube the other night..."

"hahaha! He can't do that, only August can."

"Well, go tell Him to take a video or something,

Random silly character..."it will last longer!"
Random silly character's bff..."haha and He's probably louder too..."
everyone looks around.......
"Talk lowder, I can't see you."
by Aria A. Darling March 22, 2023
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Her: "What in the unsavory fuck is going on here?!"
Him: "Well, you said talk lowder so I just started yelling at you all the time."
Her: "That is silly."
Him: "k, have a goodnight..."
by Aria A. Darling March 22, 2023
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When the moment is so wholesome, good, and pure that you make it last as long as you possibly can.

Maybe you take a picture, so it will last longer.
Maybe you smile at someone random, maybe you even say "Hello."
Maybe you scream at the top of your lungs, or the bottom down below.
The opposite of unsavory but not the opposite of sweet necessarily.
by Aria A. Darling March 22, 2023
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When you have a night that is in honor of someone who died.

All love, Peace, and Happiness.

Rest in Power Tomorrow Night (RIP tonight)

(RIP TN <3)

Human: This is for A.
Human 2: Love It.
Human 3: Let's toast to that.
Human 4: Cheers!

Human 5: *Toasts Glass*
Human 6: *See You In Heaven.*
ALL: Ase!
by Aria A. Darling March 20, 2023
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It's when you do ketamine with your best friend at a fun bar in the bathroom stalls but not quite enough, like diet ketamine.
"Oops, were on K lite. Better go back in the stall!"
by Aria A. Darling December 12, 2022
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a phrase generally used as an advective. The action of adding something to urban dictionary.
"oooo, that's SO good. I call Urban Dicting that!"

"Dude you should Urban Dict that phrase."
by Aria A. Darling January 14, 2023
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