It's when you do ketamine with your best friend at a fun bar in the bathroom stalls but not quite enough, like diet ketamine.
"Oops, were on K lite. Better go back in the stall!"
by Aria A. Darling December 12, 2022
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After stupid Sharman Networks killed Kazaa Lite, K-lite rose from its ashes.
by superdood October 1, 2005
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now this is kickass now viruses on kazaa lite mwhahaaahahahahahaha eat that you normal kazaa users.
1: ahhh shit i got viruses from kazaa
2: haha i have kazaa lite k++
1: how is it better?
2: it is like wearing a condom on your normal kazaa
1: how do you get it?
2: download it :p
by thE oNe anD OnLy JACKASS July 30, 2004
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