6 definitions by Anton bevermarsh

Hating a person that a friend or friends like or don't find to bad. A cunt is the worst type of person.
A arsehole is a person who's not too bad
"I can't believe you're friends with billy, I bloody hate him, but i suppose, one mans cunt is another mans arsehole"
by Anton bevermarsh January 5, 2021
A secret doctors term for,
Totally Unnecessary Breast Examination.
Doctors convince patients to summit to a breast exam while they are there for something else.
"While your here mrs smith i'll give you a quick breast exam, pop your top off"

"Your not going to tube me you filthy old bastard"
by Anton bevermarsh January 10, 2021
Trying to explain something to someone and no matter how well or how much you explain they just don't get it or refuse to get it.
"All the evidence shows there was no election fraud but trump supporters still won't believe, you can lead a fuckwit to logic but you can't make them think"
by Anton bevermarsh January 10, 2021
A name for a stupid or unintelligent person. Deriving from the assassination of JFK.
"Jackie's blouse had more brains on it than what's in donald trumps head"

"Billy's not the sharpest tool in the shed is he?"
"No he's a real jackie's blouse"
by Anton bevermarsh January 11, 2021
Pissing into your own arsehole
Meaning, your fucking yourself up.
Pissing into my arsehole
Meaning, something or somebody is fucking me up.
Pissing into their arsehole
Meaning, i'm going to fuck somebody up.
Pissing into my own arsehole
Meaning, i'm gonna fuck myself up.
"He's pissing into his own arsehole drinking that"
"It's friday and i'm going to piss into my own arsehole"
"Is that true or are you pissing into my arsehole"
by Anton bevermarsh October 1, 2020