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When a guy cums all over a girls pubes and the guy gives her crabs!
Marlene: What Happen?? Whats wrong with your pants?
Elise:Damn it! That Small Dick Shit gave me a CRUSTY CRAB
by Anonymous  August 6, 2003
Sitting on a toilet at an angle while you poop so you don't burn your leg on the radiator.
by Anonymous  January 24, 2003
A noun used to refer to someone who is a complete twunt. The word is inspired by an internet user who usually used the username "nocashvalue". He was retarded enough to get this name off a coin that says "NO CASH VALUE" on it.
You know that Tom bloke? He's a complete nocashvalue.
by Anonymous  January 4, 2005
to "pull the goalie, wank it, jerk it, or to have solo-sex"
little time pulled the goalie but didn't tell his mom he was wanking it.
by Anonymous  July 17, 2003
the main thing to catch a fish with
i used my masturbate to catch some catfish - yumyum
by Anonymous  December 18, 2003
johnny went to the white house to see the presidents wife and shake hands with benjamin franklin
by Anonymous  May 10, 2003