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A number so large, it can only be described as a 1 followed by an infinite line of zeros. Since it is an infinitely large number, some would argue that it is in fact infinity, but infinity is an abstract concept that cannot be defined as even or odd, while infinitillion is very much even because it can be divided by 2 an infinite amount of times and remain an integer.
You may wish for a gazillion dollars, but I wish for one infinitillion dollars
by Anonumerical December 4, 2020
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Sixth from last in a series.
While waiting in line, I had just realized that there were five people behind me, making me in the ultrapropreantepenultimate position.
by Anonumerical December 4, 2020
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The largest number imaginable. Written as (...9.9...) or as (9.9...x10^ ∞), it is simply described as a decimal point with an infinite line of nines spanning either side of it.
This amount of work would take an absolute large amount of time to complete!
by Anonumerical December 11, 2021
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Seventh from last in a series.
In a series of ten books, I just finished the fourth book, also called the supraultrapropreantepenultimate book.
by Anonumerical December 6, 2020
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The smallest non-zero number. It can be written as 0.000...1 (as in, there is an infinite line of zeros between the decimal point and the 1). It can also be refered to as an infinitillionth, as it is the result of dividing 1 by an infinitillion.
I have an absolute small amount of patience left with you!

I'm so poor that I don't even claim to own an infinitillionth of a cent.
by Anonumerical December 6, 2020
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